About Me

Hi. im Henrik!

I started studying Computer Science (AP) August 2020 @EAMV in Denmark.


Henrik R. Nielsen

I have taken alot of free/paid courses on websites like udemy.com to broaden my knowledge in different fields regarding anything related to computers.


  • Unity game developing
  • Fundamental website technologies
  • WordPress development
  • Java/Python/C# beginner introductions

Satisfied Clients


“Don’t ever get mad for being asked the same question multiple times, every client is a new and unique encounter”

My Skills

I help people build computers and introduce them to the choices and limitations of building their own systems.

Designing websites for small firms or private persons that need a website for their products/hobbies or just a simple site as a business card.

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  • Website Design
  • Hardware Enthusiast
  • Programming
  • Design Optimization

Need help with a website or have IT related questions ? feel free to contact me

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