Stories and experiences from my life studying @EAMV Computer Science (AP)

Week 5 update

#Datamatiker takes up a lot of time! So my plan with this blog was to document what we learned every week. But for those following the blog, it has been a few weeks since the last post... The...

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what happened to the time this week?

Times goes fast when you're having fun. 3rd week is almost over and it feels like time goes way faster than it usually does. So this week has been a big ramp up in the difficulty of acquiring new...

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Lectures, presentations, group assignments

Second week in the awesome class #Datamatiker #EAMV.DK 😉 So the second week have begun, and while we had 1 student stay home due to fears of having contracted covid-19, luckily the test came out...

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First week recap!

First week recap! First week done and bagged... Today we had our first real class with programming, and it was clear to see that a few in the class had previous experience from programming. Make a...

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First day of school !

First day of school ! Today i started out as a new student, 38 years old and ready to start from scratch. We started out getting all the normal first day information, who the teachers were, and what...

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