Week 5 update

#Datamatiker takes up a lot of time!

So my plan with this blog was to document what we learned every week. But for those following the blog, it has been a few weeks since the last post…
The explanation is simple and quick, I’ve been so busy, that I forgot about it.

New study group

So the time came for us to make a new study group of our own.I landed in a really great group with people i get along with really great.
Im looking forward to get some great sparring going, and the opportunity to see how the other minds work.

Make a calculator, that’s simple right?

So we were given the assignment of making a calculator and then put on a graphical user interface with JavaFX.
We started out by creating the project with simple console output: System.out.Println(“”); and input from Scanner class.
This was completed fairly quick, and didn’t give many “WTF’s”.

Now add GUI with JavaFX!

The introduction to JavaFX was very brief from our teacher. He presented some tutorial code from the official JavaFX documentation, in which he had done some minor tweaks,
so after 30 minutes we were on our own. We started out by searching online for courses that could teach us JavaFX, and quickly found courses, but they all use Scene Builder, for easy UI creation.
As the good student, I am, I asked if this was okay with the teacher, and of course, he said NAY. So back to square 0 again. We found a course on Udemy ( https://www.udemy.com/course/java-the-complete-java-developer-course) which
teaches JavaFX without Scene Builder(it covers the subject later in the course, but it doesn’t start out with it). So most of us bought that course, and it’s now our plan
to do this course during our 1 week vacation.

Aim for windows calculator, and settle for way less!

Basically we looked at the standard calculator, made our GUI look like it. Easy Peasy! Coding functions that could replicate the calculator, feels like running into a wall with 20km/h. Then slowly climb over it, and then run into another wall. Repeat this as many times as you like…
After talks with our teacher, we realized we had to take it down a notch(maybe like 10 notches down).
So proud to say that we accomplished the task! It ain’t pretty or fancy, but it does the job.

Homemade Calculator

Vacation time! so what’s to come

My vacation time will start with the Udemy course, then I’ll have my 2 nephews over for LAN. Which translates into “Hygge” with my nephews, Lots of Fortnite, they show off their building skills and make me realize how old and slow i am.
Then they wanna go creative mode in Fortnite and compete amongst themselves for the right to kill me.. (imagine 2 scary cats battling about which one gets to kill the mouse) all while I try to run away and perhaps kill them while they are preoccupied.
Then after 2 days of humiliation in Fortnite its time to do a bit more Udemy and work on some WordPress site, I’ve promised to make. So while its vacation from school, its definitely not relaxation.