Lectures, presentations, group assignments

Second week in the awesome class #Datamatiker #EAMV.DK 😉

So the second week have begun, and while we had 1 student stay home due to fears of having contracted covid-19, luckily the test came out negative, for great rejoice for all of us. In System Development we were given our first group assignment. Analyse the business process of a chosen firm. Our group chose the default suggestion of a car repairshop, we were not given any clear guidelines on how much or what we had to include. This was generally not recieved too well among all our class, since we would have liked a better designed scope. But in hindsight while writing this article, this might have been a clear decision of our tutor, since we will most likely find ourselves in a position like that again, after we graduate and start working. A customer would want a full system designed, but they might not have pinned down all the actual requirements.

Lecture by a former student

A classmate’s boyfriend, have been super helpful and done some online help for some of us, and have agreed to help the entire class over Microsoft Teams in the future also. Today (Thursday) he held a very inspiring lecture for the computer scientist(Datamatiker) classes. His name is Morten, he graduated from Datamatiker in Februray. Currently he works for https://www.netip.dk as a sharepoint consultant. During the lecture he shared his story on his time studying at EAMV, what he did wrong, and what he liked. Afterwards he continued on his transitition to a regular work, his first impressions and how he was given the full package of programming, customer interaction and software development. While it was overwhelming and close to panic inducing, he seemed happy about being included in the whole process. He gave examples from the different projects he has been part of, including some solo projects. He did tell a story about a bad experience, he was happy that it wasn’t his first project, because it might have broken his spirit. In the end he gave a short summary of his former classmates, where they are working and on what technologies they are using.

Presentation of a very diffuse subject!

In System development we had group presentations, since the assignment was: Business Process Model of a chosen firm. The presentations varied a bit in quality and length, and it gave some good indications of peoples knowledge and skills. I noted down my own observations, so i can see which areas i need to improve myself. in the end our tutor, told us that he on purpose gave us this very vaguely presented case, to showcase this could happen with a client (notice how i wrote about this in the start of the article, which was written before class started today, so smarty pants points to myself!). But in the end of the day, we felt somewhat pleased with our own solution to the case. So to sum it up, being a Datamatiker is alot more than just being able to code programs, it also involves customer skills and good analytics skills.