what happened to the time this week?

Times goes fast when you’re having fun.

3rd week is almost over and it feels like time goes way faster than it usually does. So this week has been a big ramp up in the difficulty of acquiring new knowledge in Java programming, Following the book “Java A Beginnner’s Guide” the book have aSelf test section after each chapter, but this time the tests had assignments that wasn’t mentioned in the chapters, so alot of us got lost behind the bus, which didn’t feel that great. Luckily out tutor was ready to go through the program in the class. This helped a bit, but it seems that many of us, can’t rely on the book to carry us through the skills we are supposed to learn.

Datamatiker rebooted ?

Appearantly the school have changed the books they teach by. Last year they used a book called “Head First Java”. Which was good at teaching java for new beginners( according to the students of that year). But for some reason they swapped to our book. Hopefully the quality will get better as we get further into it, but reading reviews on the net, doesn’t bode well for us…

Not everything is bad!

System development have started to show a guided path, which many thought, didn’t exist. We are starting to see out tutors line of thoughts, and the theory we read about in the book, actually transfers to his teachings. UML Use Cases, Sequence Diagrams, Class Diagrams, they still blur together, but we are starting to understand them. Every week we are handed a short text, of which we need to prepare our presentations, just like we would to a customer. The quality still differs a lot among our groups, and the group im in, seems to be in the middle quality.

Official first test

On friday we had our first test. We were given 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete it, but the majority of us were done after 15 minutes. The questions were single/multiple choice, which tricked alot of us, since the questions did not clearly state if it had 1 or more answers. The outcome of the test, is not meant to scare us of, but it seemed like an official requirement.A requirement so they can remove those students that doesn’t show up for classes, or take part in the online meeting. For our class i suspect that we will loose 2 students, which we’ve only seen 1 time. The tutors we have, haven’t agreed on when we are getting new groups to study with. So while we are waiting for that, im paying attention to all the students around me to find myself a suitable group, once we are to create our own groups.


Studying to become a Datamatiker, is filled with joy, despair and lots of grey hairs. Luckily im almost all grey hair already, so im settled in on that part. While its frustrating im, still filled with hope that it will be a great decision of mine to have started on this endeavour.