First day of school !

First day of school !

Today i started out as a new student, 38 years old and ready to start from scratch.

We started out getting all the normal first day information, who the teachers were, and what their relevant careers were and what they wanted to teach us. Since this is the era of covid-19 we also got all the information on how to maintain an everyday as usual approach to it. Your class is your “family” and we are allowed to get close together as long as its our own “family” and classroom, once we’re outside, its 1 meters a part and regular public rules.

First day at school, so better make a good first impression!

While i think i did a decent first day impression for my new fellow classmates, a few people came 5 minutes late, and 1 last person managed to be 25 minutes late. Being late first day, just don’t scream im a dedicated person, so mentally noted, the day started out with the introductions which appearantly wasn’t that exciting since another person actually fell asleep, and got a mention from the teacher.  in the break afterwards he packed his things and left. Inside my own head i made a funny joke about how the first person already had quit. However being a fairly nice guy on the outside, i just hope he had a bad evening/night and it was a one time deal. So he will be back and fresh tomorrow to show his real potential.

How to be a better student!

Jan will be out System development teacher, and he started out with some slideshows on how to learn better, strategies for assimilating information better and how to maintain better focus. I have previously researched this subject, when i started programming in unity for game development, and i’ve found many of these  strategies to work very well, so i’ll be sure to adopt many of those ideas. before we ended the day we were told to prepare our våbenskjold(coat of arms)

  1. listing who we were as a person, what professional qualities and experiences that mattered the most.
  2. Family and spare time
  3. what would help yourself (what your co students can do to help you).
  4. What strengths do you provide for a group.
  5. What would your motto be if summed down to 3 words.,

Having done lists like this before it was fairly easy to sum down the first 4 points. The last part with my motto, i decided to be a bit witty, and i decided on “Glad Gammel Gut” which translates into “Happy Old Chap” im assuming im the oldest student since im 38 years old, but i really dont see it as a bad thing.

TL;DR summary of the day:

Quick introduction to the classes and topics we will be going through, got some good pointers on how to become a better student. And finally got to meet some new people that seem intelligent and ready to learn.