Second Semester!

Quick recap of the last 2 months.

Again it’s been quite a long wait since the last update. But a lot of things have happened! Bought house, moved house, waiting for a cute puppy, high praise of our midterm project!
So my girlfriend and I have been talking about buying a house loosely, but start December, the talk got serious and things happened very fast, so we have bought a house!
We ended up moving between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, and have been getting settled in up until February. Only a few pieces of furniture are missing, but it’s caught in a backlog due to Covid-19.
Besides that we only miss getting our tool shed isolated, so we can use it for storage. A huge thanks to my girlfriend’s family for being a huge support and handy family. Just wanted to share this news, even though this blog ain’t really for personal stories besides education 🙂

Midterm Project at #EAMV.DK : 3 weeks duration.

We started on January 11th, getting the requirement specifications for the project, and the suggested idea was a program to track a handball match (Handball is huge in Denmark).
On technical terms, it meant our program should have the following features:

  • Register a match between 2 teams.
  • Register goals, yellow/red cards with a timestamp.
  • a clock that shows game time.
  • show match report
  • All data should be saved on a MS SQL express server.

Besides those requirements, we were given idea’s for “nice to have’s”

  • Update/Delete (so all 4 pars of CRUD)
  • export match report to txt/csv
  • import match report to the program.
  • pause/resume match.

Our group had already been talking about what we wanted to do, so we would feel more motivated to make a great project.
Our idea was to turn the project into a game! we had many ideas and features we hoped we could implement(link to the project on Github and Youtube video will come further down!).

Gameplan! (bad pun).

Every day we started talking over what we wanted to achieve that day.
The first week we built up the graphical interface, to better give ourselves a sense of direction of what we should do next.
Halfway through the 2nd week, we had all the minimum requirements implemented and working in our project, which meant we could use the rest of the time being creative, and model it as we wanted.
After getting our mechanics to work, where we could attack and heal the teams. we went for more of our ideas but we quickly ran out of time so some of the features, like each team had unique players that had unique attacks, didn’t make it into the project sadly.

With 2 days left, we all gave the project our own version of a theme. We chose Lars’ theme, which was 8bit 80-90 style. So we incorporated this into the project, and in the end, we had some really unique project, and it was received very well from both our teachers and fellow students.

Youtube video of the project:
Github link:

My own opinion on the whole project is that it was a great experience, especially with the covid-19 restrictions in place, with no physical lectures. The daily social contact we had over Discord, where we easily could share our screens to help each other, is really something I’m already missing.
So I cant wait for the next project!