Summary of the 10 first weeks with Java!

10 weeks of purgatory… or 10 weeks of adjusting expectations #MadeItSoFar

Last week marked the 10 first weeks of our introduction to Java programming. While this whole time I’ve felt like I didn’t know anything, the recap we had last Friday made us realize that we have in fact learned a lot.
While most of our class started out as fresh hatchlings into the world of programming. We’ve seen that we have overcome quite a lot in the hunt for knowledge in Java programming.

Java and databases

So our next focus subject is relational databases. While I have been playing with databases before with PHP forums and DKP sites, it’s only been with changing a few values and minor tweaks found on other sites.
This week we started out with a new tutor and saying goodbye to our tutor in programming so far, we are all gonna miss him, but it’s another new beginning, and so far it’s a bit slower and a more relaxed atmosphere.
Our new tutor is quite entertaining while he dashes out his opinions on several matters that keep taking him out on a sidetrack. It gives us some quick laughs but still keeps us fairly on track with the subject at hand.

Upcoming plans: Website programming, maybe some WoW Shadowlands, and getting in shape ( cookie shape ? )

So the plan for the upcoming time is to complete a website project I’ve been doing for a friend. World of Warcraft Shadowlands launches next week, so I might delve into that for some recreational relaxation. I’ve recently picked up Summoners War again to play on the phone.
Time will see if I actually start on WoW since I feel it’s a big commitment since I’m very bad at being 100% casual…
For some time I’ve been yearning to lose some kilo’s of fat.. while I’ve always wanted this, but candy and food just taste too good… But now it’s time to do something about it, even though the timing is a bit bad with Christmas coming.

That’s it for this time. hope you all enjoy getting a bit more timely update, instead of the previous periods. Stay healthy and safe from covid-19