Week 9 the struggle begins 🙁

Week 9: JavaFX, Education Ambassador for EAMV.DK #Datamatiker

Into the last week of our introduction to Java, we’re finishing up on our last project, which is a small contactbook where we can enter information about our friends.
There isn’t a hard request on what we have to deliver, but our own standards are really aiming for the the full functionality, Read/Write to disk to save the inputted information, and then an Edit information function.
The JavaFX was fairly quickly completed. The real functionality however is quite frustrating, but we are making progress all the time, so everyday seems to bring a bit more knowledge.

Education Ambassador for EAMV.DK #Datamatiker

Monday i had a minor introduction with info surrounding the opportunity of being education ambassador. Since we’re living in Covid-19 times, it was held through Microsoft Teams.
There was some brief information regarding what we should know, and what was expected of us. Some classes from other educations had quite a few people representing, but for datamatiker, we’re only 2 people, and the other one is a person from my study group.

Update schedule..

I mentioned this in the previous post as well, I really want to keep a weekly update schedule, but time really just flies past me. So i’ll try to stay a bit more focused on this part.
This is also for my own benefit, as i hope to be able to use this blog as a track record to see what we’re learning and how far i’ve come.
So if this project is decent. ill try and find a way to publish it here on my page so its available to see and judge me on current skills and hopefully the way better programs in the future.

So stay safe and warm in the coming wintertide. Best regards Henrik 🙂